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The Embassy of China will be closed Monday, the 11th and Tuesday, the 12th, for Chinese New Year.

The US Department of State, the Embassies and the Assistant Stork will be closed Monday, February 18, 2013 for President's Day.


As of 9/17/2012

The US Department of State is changing their processing time.  Instead of processing documents while you wait, it will now take 3 - 5 business days.

Courier Service for China Adoption Documents

The Assistant Stork and most embassies will be closed 
Monday, November 11, 2019, for US Veterans Day.

The Assistant Stork and most embassies will be closed 
Thursday, November 28, 2019 and Friday, November 29, 2019 
for their Thanksgiving celebration.

An old rule, but now strictly enforced: All notaries must have at least 6 months left on their notary commission to notarize documents for China. Please check your notary's commission expiration date before you allow them to notarize your documents. If your notary's commission has less than 6 months left you must redo your document. 

Also, there can be no corrections or white-out on the notary attestation. All notarized documents must include a notary attestation. Your state may not require it, but China does. If your notary does not know what a notary attestation is, please find another notary.
The Assistant Stork is an Adoptive-Mommy & Daddy owned and operated adoption courier and paperwork facilitation service.  We  started our adoption journey in October of 1995, and we realize how complicated and nerve-racking the dossier preparation process can be.  With so many different terms and rules for the authentication process, it's easy to get frustrated.  We started this service in March 1996 to help other parents get through the dossier authentication process as painlessly as possible. 

For your fee, we look over the documents as soon as we receive them and check them for accuracy.  If there are any problems with your documents, we let you know as soon as possible.  We take your documents to the US Department of State (also known as the State Department) as soon as possible after we receive them.  (The State Department is only open 8AM - 9AM and the mail comes in too late for us to take them through the same day we get them.)  At the State Department, we wait in line to drop off your documents.  They give us a receipt telling us when we can pick them back up.  This can take up to five days, but usually they process them for us in three.  We check to be sure that they authenticate every single document correctly (after all, they're human beings, they make mistakes too) before we leave the State Department.

The State Department will only let a person take through 15 documents per day.  If you have more than 15 documents, we have to make two trips.  So that'll take an extra day and we will have to divide your documents. Please write one check to the US Dept of State for the first 15 ($120) and another check for whatever is left over those 15. You do not need to write two checks to the Embassy.  We will take all your documents to the Embassy together.

As soon as your documents are finished at the State Department,  we take your documents to the Embassy for Authentication.   We leave your documents with the Embassy and they give us a receipt telling us what day to pick them up.  We double check your documents when we pick them up from the Embassy and then we send the completed documents, along with your receipts, back to you.  If you wish your documents to be forwarded to your agency, please include a SASE for us to send your receipts back to you.

Also, if you have any documents that are under another Consulate's jurisdiction, we can take those in also.  We have permission from the Embassy to take in any document from any state, as long as we get it authenticated by the US Department of State first.  This way, you can keep your entire dossier together.  

Please use the service of your choice (i.e. FedEx/ExpressMail/UPS) to mail your documents to:

The Assistant Stork
Steve Morrison
2144 Aquia Drive
Stafford, VA  22554
Our phone number is:  540-659-6845 

Please be sure to sign the "waiver of signature" on your package if you send your documents via ExpressMail.  We are in DC processing dossiers when the mail carrier arrives.  There is a special place the mail carrier leaves the dossiers that only he or she can see from our door, not visible to the street.  This is not necessary with UPS or FedEx, but please do not REQUIRE a signature.  Do not bother sending your package any faster than Priority Overnight.  We live far enough away from the airport that First Overnight does not get here until long after Steve has left for DC. 

When you get your delivery confirmation, it will say the documents are left on our porch.  That's because they don't have an option that says, "Left inside the box built into the bench seat, completely protected from sun, wind, rain and snow, on the enclosed porch, that you can't see from the street."  

Please email us with your tracking number when you send your documents so we'll know to look for them at

Please send:

1.  A cashier's check or money order made out to "The Assistant Stork" for $75 for the first document, plus $20 for each additional document. 

2.  A cashier's check or money order made out to "U.S. Department of State" for $8 per document. (Two separate checks if more than 15 documents.) We fill out the submission sheet for the US DoS, not you.  Please do not include a DS-4194. The State Dept does not expedite. They take roughly 4 business days.

3.  A money order, cashier's check, or business check (they won't accept personal checks) made out to "The Embassy of  China" for $25 per document for a 5 business day turnaround. There is no expedited service available at this time.

4.  A copy of your passport and your spouse's (if both names are on the documents) - does not need notary. Just the signature and photo pages please! Not the whole passport. And sign your passport! The passport copies must be on separate sheets of paper. You cannot combine both spouses passports on the same page. 

5.  The G1 for the Embassy.  It is found on:
They want it typed in Capital Letters only. They don't have many of the various adoption documents listed in Section 3, just add what is not listed under "Other." Please contact us for Steve's ID number.

6. Your original State Sealed, JAG notarized or American Consulate notarized documents

7. A COMPLETE BLACK AND WHITE OR GREYSCALE COPY OF YOUR DOCUMENTS (document, county seal, if applicable, & state seals also) for the Chinese Embassy.  Please do not send color copies. You will NOT be getting the copies back. Please staple each document. (I.e.: State Seal, County seal, document). Please do not send us a bunch of loose copies of your pages and do not staple all your copies into one big bundle.  If your agency requires a copy and we are sending the documents straight to your agency, please include a copy for them as well.  We will make copies of the Federal Seals for the Embassy, but if we need to make copies of the Federal and Embassy seals for your agency, or if you do not make copies for the Embassy, we charge $1.00 per page. 

8.    A prepaid, self addressed FedEx/UPS/ExpressMail (whichever you prefer) for us to send you back your documents.  If you choose to send FedEx or UPS, please get an account number.  They are free and will save you money.  Go to,, or to create your labels.  Do not give us a Priority Mail label to send out your completed documents unless you have created the return mailing label on-line at  We will not stand in line at the post office to get you a tracking number.  This is your responsibility.

9.  A self addressed, stamped envelope for us to send you back your receipts if your documents are being forwarded by us to your agency

10. A note with phone numbers where we can reach you if there are any problems.  Please include the name, contact name and number of your Adoption Agency.  If we can't reach you, we can usually reach them.

Please call or email if you have any other questions.  Our number is 540-659-6845 and we're available M-F from 9AM-4PM EST. If you choose to phone, please be aware that we are often in an Embassy or the State Department and are not allowed to take calls. Leave a message and we will return your call.

Here is an example of the new G-1.  Please fill out your information and then for the Agent's information, fill out the form exactly as it is shown in the example.  Steve Morrison (Mr. Assistant Stork) will be your agent.  Only list the documents you are actually sending to us and the number of copies must match the number of documents. Only one person is to fill out this form.  Do not fill out one for each spouse. Please sign the G-1!
When you get your delivery confirmation, it will say the documents are left on my porch.  That's because they don't have an option that says, "Left inside the box built into the bench seat, completely protected from sun, wind, rain and snow, on the enclosed porch, that you can't see from the street."  
When you get your delivery confirmation, it will say the documents are left on my porch.  That's because they don't have an option that says, "Left inside the box built into the bench seat, completely protected from sun, wind, rain and snow, on the enclosed porch, that you can't see from the street."  

If you have any questions, send us an email at