The Assistant Stork
Your Document And Visa Specialists

PAIR letter, Update of POA or Dossier Update

Here's all our basic information for the one document or document bundle:

Please use the service of your choice (i.e. FedEx/ExpressMail/UPS) to mail your document(s) to:

The Assistant Stork
Laura Morrison
2144 Aquia Drive
Stafford, VA  22554
Our phone number is:  540-659-6845

Please be sure to sign the "waiver of signature" on your package if you send your documents via ExpressMail.  We are in DC processing dossiers when the mail carrier arrives.  There is a special place the mail carrier leaves the dossiers that only he or she can see from our door, not visible to the street.  This is not necessary with UPS or FedEx, but please do not REQUIRE a signature.  Do not bother sending your package any faster than Priority Overnight.  We live far enough away from the airport that First Overnight does not get here until long after Steve has left for DC. 

For your fee, we look over the document(s) as soon as we receive them and check them for accuracy. If there are any problems with your document(s), we let you know immediately.  We take your document(s) to the State Department as soon as possible after we receive them.  (The State Department is only open 8AM - 9AM and the mail comes in too late for us to take them through the same day we get them.)  At the State Department, we wait in line to drop off your document(s).  They give us a receipt telling us when we can pick them back up.  This can take up to 5 days, but usually they process them in 3 days (but they do not count the day we drop it off).  We check to be sure that they authenticate every single document correctly (after all, they're human beings, they make mistakes too) before we leave the State Department.  There is NO expedited service at the US State Department.

As soon as that's finished,  we take your documents to the Embassy for Authentication.   We leave your documents with the Embassy and visit the Embassy every day until the dossier is ready.  There is no set timeframe for the Embassy to process your dossier.  It depends on their workload.  We double check your documents when we pick them up from the Embassy and then we send the completed documents, along with your receipts, back to you.  If you wish your documents to be forwarded to your agency, please include a SASE for us to send your receipts back to you.

Please email us your tracking number when you send your document(s) so we'll know to look for them.

1.  A check made out to "The Assistant Stork" for $95 for one bundle of 1-5 documents, $115 per bundle of 6 - 10 documents, $125  for bundles of 11 or more documents.

2.  A personal check, business check, cashier's check or money order made out to "U.S. Department of State" for $8 per document or document bundle. We fill out the submission sheet for the US DoS, not you.  Please do not include a DS-4194.

3.  A money order or cashier's check (they won't accept personal checks) made out to "The Embassy of  Ethiopia" for $95 per document or document bundle.

4. Your Dossier Update, PAIR letter, or POA Update

5.  A prepaid, self addressed FedEx/UPS/ExpressMail (whichever you prefer) envelope for us to send you back your documents.  If you choose to send FedEx or UPS, please get an account number.  They are free and will save you money.  Go to, or to create your labels.  Do not give us a Priority Mail label to send out your completed documents unless you have created the return mailing label on-line at  We will not stand in line to get you a tracking number at the post office. At our post office, this step alone can take 2 hours.

6.  A self addressed, stamped envelope for us to send you back your receipts if your documents are being forwarded by us to your agency

7.  A note with your email address, and your contact at your agency, in case there are any problems

For more information, please check out our "Courier Service" page on our website:   Please call or email if you have any other questions.  Our number is 540-659-6845 and we're available M-F from 9AM-4PM EST.

For questions or comments, drop us an email at