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Dossier Preparation Service

The Assistant Stork is an Adoptive-Mommy & Daddy owned and operated adoption courier and paperwork facilitation service.  We  started our adoption journey in October of 1995, and we realize how complicated and nerve-racking the dossier preparation process can be.  With so many different terms and rules for the authentication process, it's easy to get frustrated.  We started this service in March 1996 to help other parents get through the dossier authentication process as painlessly as possible. All we need are your notarized documents and Vital Records and we will take it from there.

We will work with you & your International Adoption Agency to be sure that your dossier meets all the requirements necessary for your adoption country and your agency.  We will coach you through the process of obtaining your Vital Records and the preparation of all the required documents.  We will obtain County Seals (where applicable), State Seals, Federal Seals and Embassy Seals.  We will make all copies for your agency and a copy for you.  When we are finished with your dossier, it will be ready for your agency to translate and send to your adoption country.

Fee Schedule:
Completion of entire dossier that requires contact with 1 or 2 states = $500, each additional state: $50.00
Does not include government or embassy/consulate fees, delivery/courier service fees, traveling notary service fees, and/or duplication/collation costs.

Please note:
An additional $100 will be charged for any adoptive parents living overseas while compiling the dossier, due to the complications involved.  

Please send your notarized documents and Vital Records to:

Laura Morrison
The Assistant Stork
2144 Aquia Drive
Stafford, VA  22554

Please send:

1) Our fee, a personal check is fine, to "The Assistant Stork."

2)  A note with your phone numbers & email address, and the name, phone number, & email address of your Adoption Agency contact, so we can coordinate all the pieces of your dossier.  Also include information about any deadlines you may have from your agency.  We will do our best to convince the Secretaries of State to turn your documents around as quickly as possible, to beat your deadline.

3) A copy of each of your passports for the Embassy - this does not need notarization.  SIGN YOUR PASSPORTS FIRST. Passports are not valid until signed.

4) Your FedEx or UPS Account number.  If you do not have a FedEx or UPS account number, please get one.  They are free.  Go to or  USPS is fine, as long as you have an account for them. Please let us know if you are more interested in speed or saving money. Overnight postage is always more expensive than 2-day or 3-day or Ground.

5) Your notarized documents or Vital Records. The Documents required for a typical China Dossier:

1. Inter-country adoption application letter
2. Birth certificate for Father
3. Birth certificate for Mother
4. Marital status certificate
5. Employment Verification for Father
6. Employment Verification for Mother
7. Financial status certificate
8. Physical examination certificate for Father
9. Physical examination certificate for Mother
10. Criminal/ Non-criminal record certificate for Father
11. Criminal/ Non-criminal record certificate for Mother
12. Home study report
13. USCIS Approval (I-800a)

You can send them to me all at once or as you obtain them. 

The basic steps for authentication of documents:

1. Notarized document or Vital Record
2. County Seal (if your state requires it)
3. State Seal
4. Federal Seal
5. Embassy Seal

When we receive your documents, we will:

1) Look over your entire dossier for any notary problems or possible errors

2) Let you know all fees that will be involved for your dossier (Notary fees, State fees, Federal fees, Embassy fees, courier fees, photocopying fees, etc).

If you are adopting from China, we know some of the fees already:

US Department of State - $8 per document
Assistant Stork Courier Service for the State Dept and Embassy runs - $75 for the first document, $20 per document for each additional
Embassy of China - $25 per document for regular processing
Photocopying service - $.25 per page 
The fees for County and State authentication depend on the state.

I'll send you a PayPal invoice for each step as it is done. PayPal charge 4.5%.

3) Provide you the tracking numbers of each section of your dossier, as they go off to obtain their State Seals.  We will also provide you with the return tracking numbers, so you will always know where your documents are at every step of the process.

4) As each step is complete, we will email you an update, so you will always know where you are in the process.

5) We will make 3 copies of all documents. One copy goes to the Embassy. One copy goes to you (along with your receipts). The final copy and the originals go to your agency. We can mail them directly to your agency or to you, whichever you prefer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at, or give us a call at 540-659-6845.