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On our 25th Wedding Anniversary - Our Celtic Wedding!

My darling hubby and I have been abundantly blessed with two fantastic children.  Since you are probably reading this because you are adopting a child, I'll start with a little bit about that. 

We adopted "the most wonderful baby in the world" from China. We started the process back in October of 1995. After gathering tons of paperwork, getting everything authenticated and sent off for translation, our dossier went to China on April 30, 1996. Back then, it was not uncommon for the entire China adoption process to take three months. We got our referral on August 30, 1996. We got our verbal travel approval on December 5th and our written approval on December 23rd. We FINALLY got to travel to pick up our little girl January 12th - 23rd! HOORAY!! "Gotcha Day" was January 17, 1997! She was definitely worth the wait.

We also have the most wonderful, gorgeous, brilliant "bio-babe" in the world. She is our 32 year old daughter, Sara. Sara is a graduate of Shenandoah Music Conservatory and has the most beaututiful voice we've ever heard. The best gift Sara ever gave us was making us grandparents.  Luke Tenzin Welsh was born on April 13, 2011.

Life has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Sara got married and divorced. Aurora is in Culinary School and about to move out on her own. Over the years I've gotten teased and criticized for having my daughters 12 years apart, but it's all worked out. Both girls are thriving and happy. We are so blessed.

One thing I learned about the adoption process, it's different for everyone. People who sent in their dossiers after us got their babies before us. Some people who sent their dossiers in before us, travelled long after we were home. Every family is different. Every adoption is different. It's frustrating, there's not a thing we can do about it, but be patient (*REALLY* hard for me) and trust in a higher power. We became closer to God through this process than we had ever been before. Our daughter from China was absolutely perfect for our family. Her personality and spirit fit right in with our family. Some call it the "red thread", others call it "the Hand of God." I believe it's both. All I know is that just about everyone I know who has adopted from China got the perfect baby for their family. It's absolutely magical. God has really been good to those of us adopting from China!

There were times in this process that we were scared. Times we were frustrated. Times we were hopeful and times we were depressed. Times I felt like someone poured hot water on a down comforter and draped it over my head. Times I walked in the clouds. Sort of like any "pregnancy". But, you know what? It all worked out.

I've become so involved in the adoption process, most people know me as The Assistant Stork. While talking to some parents on the list, I found out that there was a need for a good courier service to help adoptive parents get their dossiers authenticated quickly at the U.S. Department of State and the Embassy here in Washington, DC. So, I started my own courier business. After two years, Steve joined me as, "The Assistant to the Assistant."  We expedite dossiers and visas through the process quickly and correctly. We not only do paperwork for China, we do every Embassy here in DC. If you want more information please email us at "".

The best thing to happen to me during this adoption process was finding a network of friends going through the same thing I was. There is a wonderful support email list for parents adopting from China. Everyone shares ideas, stories, helpful hints, advice, and just basic hand-holding while we all go through this. There is a list for almost every one. To find a list of "list-serves" click here and subscribe to the list that best serves your needs. But I'll warn you, it's addictive! Oh! And subscribe to the digest version or you'll receive hundreds of messages the first week.

In our free time (what free time?) we enjoy RVing and playing with the grandbaby.